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130000 Handheld Air Dryer (NO BATTERY!)

130000 Handheld Air Dryer (NO BATTERY!)

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Brand Name: FENNEC

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

This product belongs to 3D printing products and may have some minor flaws. Customers who pursue perfection should place orders with caution

1.Brushless lithium hair dryer, violent hair dryer DIY, The entire casing is crafted through 3D printing using an exceptionally robust PETG & carbon fiber blend, featuring meticulously laser-sealed stitching for enhanced durability.

2. POWERFUL BLOWERS: Using high-power motors, the wind is strong and the wind speed is up to 200 MPH. It can be used for car washing, snow removal, dust blowing, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

3. Suitable for Makita/Milwaukee/Dewalt 16.8V-21V lithium battery(without battery), up to 1.3kg thrust,Turbo Jet Fan XL is a true force of nature. Leaves, debris, and dust cower before its unrelenting gusts.

4.The Turbo Jet Fan features a high-energy, high-RPM motor, which means that prolonged and continuous usage of the product can lead to the generation of excessive heat. We highly recommend using it for shorter periods and avoiding overheating.On average, it typically provides approximately 10-15 minutes of full-load usage.

5.One-button speed adjustment, adjust the wind speed by the strength of pressing the button, easy to operate.

6.This hair dryer requires a corresponding brand specification of 18-21V battery, with a capacity of 5Ah or more, and a maximum discharge current of 60A to ensure the normal and stable operation of the hair dryer

Product testing can be conducted before use

1. Press and hold the switch button until it is fully pressed, then install the battery

2. Installing the battery will sound a piece of music, wait for the music to end, then release the switch button

3. Then another new prompt will sound again, and once the new prompt ends, the calibration is complete

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