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42cm/16.5inch 3D Holographic Projector LED

42cm/16.5inch 3D Holographic Projector LED

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42cm/16.5inch 3D Holographic Projector WiFi 224 LED Lamp Beads Upload Holographic 3D Advertising Light Imaging Hologram Player


1. The 3D holographic advertising machine uses the principle of human visual continuity (POV) technology to achieve 3D holographic visual enhancement effect, air suspension, and holographic stereoscopic display effect through high-speed rotation of ultra-high-density LED light strips.

2.800*480 rotating 3D imaging: 224 LED rotating imaging, showing naked-eye high-definition 3D visual effects. The physical resolution reaches 800*480. It supports most video formats, animation and 3D text image display

3. Support IOS/Android client, WIFI direct connection, can change the advertisement content more flexibly, it supports popular video format, animation and 3D text image display.

4. The APP function is more powerful, and it is easier to switch videos through the APP control. The machine is smaller, the rotation is more stable, and the installation is more convenient

5. Widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, urban transportation, event venues, stages, exhibition halls, etc., to create the best attraction for your products or events.


Material: Aluminum + ABS

LED: RHB1615

LED: 224

Memory: 16G (included)

Resolution: 800*480

Display area: 42cm/16.5in

Supported formats: MP4 / AVI, etc.

Package Included:

3D holographic projector*1

Expansion screw*2

User Manual*1

Adapter*1 (optional specification)


1. For safety reasons, the holographic fan must be mounted on a wall of 6.5 feet or higher.

2. Do not touch the fan blades while running or testing the battery.

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