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Bluetooth Laser keyboard Wireless Virtual Projection

Bluetooth Laser keyboard Wireless Virtual Projection

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### Bluetooth Laser Keyboard Wireless Virtual Projection

#### Overview:
Enhance your typing experience with the innovative Bluetooth Laser Keyboard, a wireless virtual projection device that projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. Designed for portability and convenience, this cutting-edge gadget allows you to type efficiently on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and even video games without the need for a physical keyboard.

#### Key Features:
1. **Bluetooth HID Compatibility:** Easily connects to a wide range of devices including tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and video game consoles through Bluetooth HID.
2. **Infrared Laser Projection:** Utilizes a built-in infrared laser to project a standard keyboard layout onto any flat, reflective surface.
3. **Optical Recognition:** Tracks your keystrokes through optical recognition technology, providing accurate and responsive typing.
4. **Compact and Portable:** Small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry, perfect for on-the-go use in various work environments.
5. **Multi-Platform Support:** Compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OS.

#### Specifications:
- **Light Source:** Red laser diode
- **Keyboard Size:** Width: 240mm, Height: 100mm
- **Projection Distance:** Approximately 80mm from the bottom of the device
- **Projection Surface:** Reflective, opaque plane
- **Recognition Rate:** Up to 350 characters per minute
- **Operating Surface:** Any sturdy, flat surface
- **Battery Charging Time:** Approximately 120 minutes
- **Bluetooth Version:** V3.0 for HID Profile Ver 1.0
- **Operating Temperature:** 0 ~ 35 ℃ / 90% RH
- **Storage Temperature:** -5 to 35 °C / ~ 90% RH

#### Package Contents:
- 1 x Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

#### Usage Tips:
- **Ensure a Clean Surface:** For optimal performance, use the keyboard on a clean, flat, and non-reflective surface.
- **Bluetooth Pairing:** Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device and follow the pairing instructions provided in the manual.
- **Battery Life:** Fully charge the keyboard before use to ensure uninterrupted typing sessions.

The Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is an ideal solution for those seeking a portable, space-saving alternative to traditional keyboards. Its advanced projection and optical recognition technology provide a seamless and futuristic typing experience.

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