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Breathing Baby Soothing Elephant

Breathing Baby Soothing Elephant

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This is a unique plush toy that helps comfort your baby just like you. Its soft belly moves up and down in rhythms similar to breathing, helping your baby relax naturally for up to 30 minutes, accompanied by calming music, sound effects and dim lighting. With its cute face, super soft fabrics and shiny tail, the Toy is the perfect cuddle for your baby. Play and development combined. Sensory development: The soft textures, soothing music, lights and delicate rhythmic movement of the toy stimulate and relax your baby's developing tactile, visual and auditory senses. Confidence and happiness: The Elephant sweet face, calming motion and gentle music will relax your baby and make him feel safe.

- "Breathing" musical Elephant toy for babies of all ages from birth.
- 11 sensory explorations to stimulate your baby's senses of sight, hearing and touch.
- An Elephant that makes a rhythmic movement similar to breathing to naturally relax your baby.

Turn on the switch located on the bottom of the foot

If the respiratory function of the abdomen is not working properly, it may be due to compression during transportation, please try to pat the abdomen of the toy, if it cannot be recovered. Please contact our customer service,thanks

PS: Our products are powered by AAA battery. Due to the logistics policy, our product packaging does not contain batteries. You need to prepare AAA battery*3 by yourself before it can work normally.

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