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Hair Flat Irons Ultrasonic Infrared Cold Hair

Hair Flat Irons Ultrasonic Infrared Cold Hair

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-Repairing the damaged structure of hair, it can help the hair to become healthy and shiny again.
-helping absorb the nutrition of hair oil or conditioner much more efficiently.
-This is not a hair straightener or flat iron, this is a hair care iron.
-2inch upgraded splint, super ultrasonic + infrared, giving you a better and more professional hair care experience


Power: 20W
Size of plates: 9cm*24cm
Voltage: 110V-240V
Auto shut-off: YES
Temperature range: about 40-80 °
Power cord: 360 degree swivel cord
Time setting: 2s - 18s
Infrared & Ultrasonic Levels: 7 Levels

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Ultrasonic Function------ Promote the atomization of the conditioner or hair oil
Applying the theory of electronic vibrating, we install a ceramic vibrating machine inside the hair care iron to generate ultrasonic wave of high frequency, whose vibration is up to 30,000 times each second. In this way, the structure of the conditioner or hair oil will be atomized and vibrated into minimum particles that likes mist. Cooperated with the function of far infrared (but not high heat), we are able to gain the ideal effect of both reducing expansion of hair cuticle and repairing damaged hair.

Applying advanced far infrared technology
When using the hair care iron, the far infrared ray generates power to divide the protein into small molecules, and make them rearrange to connect more closely. As a result, compared with hair care without the assistance of infrared function, the hair absorb the protein much more efficiently, and the hair become more healthy, smooth and shiny.

How to use?

1. Applying the hair oil or conditioner evenly on the hair
2. Plug it on and lighten the display.
3. Click the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the display will change to time setting display, at the same time, the function of far-infrared open.
4. Press the "+" and "-" key to adjust the using time of ultrasonic hair care, maximum 18 seconds and minimum 2 seconds. After setting the time, close the hair care iron, then the inside system will apply the ultrasonic function of hair care automatically till the time to stop.

Test Steps:

Step 1: the first drop of water

Step 2:Turn on the power and adjust the ultrasonic vibration function

Step 3:Set the number of seconds to: 18s

Step 4:Gently merge the straighteners, you can see the mist

Q & A

Q:Is it suitable for use with keratin?
A:Yes,Sure, Ultrasound and infrared work together to promote better absorption of keratin by hair

Q:What is the voltage?
A:The voltage is 110-220V, which is suitable for the voltage of any country.

Q:Which plug to choose?
A:its are available with EU/US plugs, and you can also check the suitable country plugs through the following website:

Q;What is the maximum temperature?
A:The maximum temperature is 80 ℃, it is not hot, it is a cold hair Care irons

How to Choose a Plug?

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