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Motion Sensor Led Light

Motion Sensor Led Light

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Special reminder:

The sensing function of the product needs to be used in a dark environment !!!

• Motion Sensor :The motion sensor feature allows the lamp to turn on automatically when it detects movement, making it convenient to use in dark areas.

• USB Charging :The lamp can be charged via USB, making it easy to power and eliminating the need for batteries.

• LED Bulbs :The LED bulbs provide bright and efficient lighting, ensuring that the room is well-lit while saving energy.

• Rechargeable Battery :The rechargeable battery ensures that the lamp can be used for extended periods without needing to be replaced or recharged.


1. Charging indicator:

the red indicator lights up when charging, and goes out when it is fully charged.

2. Switch mode:

① Monochrome model: ATUO: automatic induction OFF: open/close ON: always bright

② Yellow: yellow light induction OFF: on/off White: white light induction

3. AUTO fashion (human body sensing):

In a dark environment, when the sensor detects that someone is moving within the range of 0~4m and the angle is 120 °, the light will light up automatically and turn off automatically 20 seconds after the sensor cannot detect human activity.

4. Installation and fixation:

Tear off the white protective film on the iron sheet, and then stick the iron sheet horizontally to the place you want to install. (The surface of the installation place should be smooth and clean, otherwise it is easy to fall off.) Then, the black magnet on the lamp body should be attracted to the iron sheet to complete the installation.


Material:ABS + PP

Productssize: 78mm * 78mm * 17mm







Color temperature:whitelight5600K/warmlight3000K





Tip: When installing, thesor heads houldfacthe humanactivityarea,and theres houldbeno shelter infront of theses sorheadto avoid affecting theses sing function.

Sensors need to be in a dark environment to function, so when testing the sensing function, please ensure it is done in a dark environment!

The best ambient temperature is around 25 ℃, the sensing distance is 4 meters, and the angle is 120° !

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