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Pokemon Pikachu Night Light Glowing Children Lamp

Pokemon Pikachu Night Light Glowing Children Lamp

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    Pokemon Pikachu Night Light

-   Product Name:   Pokemon Pikachu Night Light Glowing Children Lamp
-   Type:   Children’s Toy, Cute Bedside Lamp
-   Usage:   Ideal for children's birthday and Christmas presents

-   Design:   Adorable Pikachu design that lights up, making it a delightful night light for kids.
-   Material:   Made of vinyl, which is non-toxic, odorless, and slightly soft with good elasticity.
-   Durability:   The material is designed to withstand some deformation during transport, which can be corrected by heating to restore its shape.

-   Package:   Please note that this product does not include gift boxes or handbags.
-   Safety:   The vinyl material is safe for children, non-toxic, and odorless.
-   Elasticity:   The lamp has good elasticity, ensuring it remains intact during use.

     Usage Instructions:
1.   Setup:   Place the lamp on a bedside table or any flat surface in the child’s room.
2.   Power:   Ensure it is properly powered (batteries or USB, depending on the model).
3.   Operation:   Turn on the light using the switch to provide a soft, glowing night light.
4.   Maintenance:   In case of deformation due to shipping, gently heat the lamp to help it regain its original shape.

-   Deformation:   If the lamp becomes deformed due to shipping, it can be restored by gently heating the vinyl material.
-   Gift Packaging:   This product does not include gift boxes or handbags, making it essential to consider additional packaging if giving as a gift.

This Pokemon Pikachu night light is a perfect addition to any child's room, providing a soft glow for a comforting night light while also being a fun and playful decorative piece.

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