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Silicone Threaded Heat Resistant Oven Rack Edge Protector

Silicone Threaded Heat Resistant Oven Rack Edge Protector

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### Silicone Threaded Heat Resistant Oven Rack Edge Protector

#### Overview:
The Silicone Threaded Heat Resistant Oven Rack Edge Protector is a practical kitchen accessory designed to provide safety and convenience while using your oven. Made from high-quality silicone, this oven edge guard protects your hands from burns and injuries when reaching into a hot oven.

#### Key Features:
1. **Heat Resistant:**
   - Made from premium silicone material, it can withstand high temperatures, protecting your hands and arms from burns.
   - Ideal for safeguarding the edges of oven racks.

2. **Threaded Design:**
   - The threaded design ensures a secure grip on the oven rack.
   - Prevents slipping and stays in place during use.

3. **Flexible and Durable:**
   - The silicone material is both flexible and durable, ensuring long-lasting use.
   - Easy to install and remove as needed.

4. **Easy to Clean:**
   - The oven edge protector can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
   - Dishwasher safe for added convenience.

5. **Multiple Color Options:**
   - Available in red, black, and grey to match your kitchen decor.
   - Adds a touch of style to your oven while providing practical protection.

#### Specifications:
- **Material:** Silicone
- **Color Options:** Red, Black, Grey
- **Size:** 35.5cm (Length) x 1.5cm (Width)
- **Package Includes:** 1 x Silicone Oven Edge Guard

#### Usage Instructions:
1. **Installation:**
   - Place the edge protector on the edge of the oven rack, ensuring it is securely fitted.
   - Adjust as necessary to cover the desired area.

2. **Use:**
   - Reach into your oven with confidence, knowing that the edge protector will guard against burns.
   - Suitable for use during baking, roasting, and other oven-related tasks.

3. **Cleaning:**
   - Remove the edge protector from the oven rack.
   - Clean with warm soapy water or place it in the dishwasher.

#### Benefits:
- **Safety First:**
   - Reduces the risk of burns and injuries when using the oven.
- **Enhanced Comfort:**
   - Makes it easier and safer to reach into the oven without fear of touching hot metal surfaces.
- **Durability:**
   - High-quality silicone ensures the product will last through many uses and cleanings.

The Silicone Threaded Heat Resistant Oven Rack Edge Protector is an essential addition to any kitchen, offering both protection and ease of use for anyone who frequently uses their oven. With its durable construction and simple installation, it provides a practical solution to a common kitchen hazard.

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