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VEIDADZ 60-200inch Portable Foldable Projector Screen

VEIDADZ 60-200inch Portable Foldable Projector Screen

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Product Details

  Key Features:  
-   Size Options:   60-200 inches
-   Aspect Ratio:   16:9
-   Material:   High Density White Fabric
-   Projection Type:   Front and Rear Projection
-   Portable and Foldable:   Easy to carry and set up for indoor and outdoor use

  Product Description:  
The VEIDADZ Portable Foldable Projector Screen is a versatile and convenient solution for your projection needs. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this screen is perfect for outdoor camping, gatherings, and indoor movie nights. The high-density white fabric ensures a clear and bright projection, making it a suitable movable white wall.

  Please Note:  
-   Not Increase Brightness:   This screen does not enhance brightness.
-   Not Anti-Light:   It is not designed to resist ambient light.
-   Crease Notice:   The fabric may have creases due to folding, but these can be reduced with a steam iron (not too hot).

  Questions and Answers:  

  1: Will it stick to a textured wall?  
- :   It does not stick to textured walls. Use ropes to hang or double-sided adhesive to mount.

  2: Are both sides white or is one side a dark color?  
- :   Both sides are white, suitable for front and rear projection.

  3: What is the best way to hang it if used outside?  
-:   Use the included hooks and ropes to attach the screen to a wall or hang it from a frame with bungee cords.

  4: What size are the eyelets?  
-:   The diameter of the eyelets is 0.59 inch.

  5: Can I install this in a corner of a room where it will not be flat against a wall?  
-:   For a flat wall installation, use tape hooks. For hanging in a room, use the provided rope.

  6: Is this screen wrinkle-free?  
-:   No, the fabric is not wrinkle-free. Long-term folding may cause creases.

  Warm Tips:  
- Use a steam iron to reduce creases, but avoid excessive heat.
- Use the screen in a dark environment for optimal projection quality.
- Do not wash the screen in a machine.
- For textured walls, use double-sided adhesive.
- The screen is medium thick, suitable for both front and rear projection. If you prefer a thicker fabric, consider a more expensive option.

  Package Includes:  
- 1 x Portable Projector Screen
- 1 x Set of Hooks and Ropes for Hanging

This screen offers a flexible and easy-to-use solution for your projection needs, whether at home or on the go.

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