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Kitchen Multifunctional Spatula Holder

Kitchen Multifunctional Spatula Holder

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Product Details


  Kitchen Multifunctional Spatula Holder  

  Name:   Spoon Pot Pan Holder Spatula Bracket Clip

  Material:   Silicone

  Color Options:   Red, Green

  Size:   62 x 43 x 17mm / 2.4 x 1.7 inches

  Applicable Pot Handle Size:   >3CM

  Package Includes:   1 or 2 pieces of Clips


The Kitchen Multifunctional Spatula Holder is a versatile and essential tool for any kitchen, designed to keep your cooking area tidy and organized. This innovative holder is perfect for holding spoons, spatulas, and pot lids while cooking, preventing spills and messes on your countertops.

-   Durable Silicone Material:   Made from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, this holder is designed for durability and longevity.
-   Easy to Use:   The clip design allows for easy attachment to pot handles, keeping your utensils within reach and your cooking area clean.
-   Compact and Convenient:   Its small size (62 x 43 x 17mm) makes it easy to store and handle, while the vibrant color options (red and green) add a touch of fun to your kitchen decor.
-   Wide Application:   Suitable for pot handles with a diameter greater than 3CM, making it versatile for various types of cookware.

  Important Notes:  

1. The maximum diameter of the handle of the pot is less than 3CM. It may not be clamped tightly, slip, or turn over. It is not recommended to use pots with handle diameters less than 3CM.
2. When used as an anti-overflow pot rack, it is not suitable for short pots such as pans and woks.
3. When used as an anti-overflow pot holder, the distance from the fire source should be greater than 15cm.
4. Do not come into direct contact with open flames.

  Package Includes:  

- 1 or 2 pieces of Spoon Pot Pan Holder Spatula Bracket Clips (based on your selection)

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