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Masseter Training Ball Jawline Exerciser

Masseter Training Ball Jawline Exerciser

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Номер на артикул:14:1254#2pcs Grey 50lbs




Brand new high quality!
Strengthen and shape your jaw line!
Shrinking your double chins makes you more confident!
nique design helps to lose weight and firm face!
Train to bring out a bright smile!

Name: facial muscle trainer
Color: white 40lbs / grey 50lbs / black 60lbs
Material: silica gel

Package Included:
2 * face exercise training ball

  • 😀 Powerful Jaw exerciser: Our jawline exercisers can fully activate the facial masseter muscle, increase facial blood flow and oxygen binding. These exercises will continuously improve your face and gradually reveal a clear outline. This is the perfect chin exercise machine for both men and women.

  • 😀It is easy to clean and save! Wash it with water before use, wash it with water again after use, and then dry it for the next use, and it has a transparent bag for easy carrying and storage.

  • 😀Reusable, Durable: only take 15-20 minutes a day, and the chin practitioner provides you with a fast, amazing, dreamy face and corners. There is no need to spend more time to apply the mask at night, no need to remove stripes and face stretching.

  • 😀 Exercise Anytime, Anywhere - The chin shaper is small and convenient, and can be carried around for exercise in any public place. When the pills are hidden in your mouth, you can easily exercise.

  • 😀Perfect Exercise For Facial Muscles: Our jaw exercisers directly target the jaw muscles, promoting facial firmness and chin lifting, shaping chin contours, and long -term exercises can quickly improve the edges and corners of the face.


  1. Rinse with soapy water, then soak in boiling water for 15-20 seconds before removing.

  2. Place a pair of mandibular exercise tablets between the two molars by hand after removal.

  3. The effect of training is obtained by squeezing and releasing the jaw trainer on both sides of the molars.

  4. Do 3-5 groups every day, each group for about 2-3 minutes, can relieve skin aging.

  5. Start at the beginner level and work your way up the pounds and time.

3-5 Times A Day ,2-3 Minutes Each Time

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