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Nordic Geometric Carpet

Nordic Geometric Carpet

Очаквано време за доставка: 40 дни

Редовна цена € 36.99 EUR
Редовна цена € 20.90 EUR Продажна цена € 36.99 EUR
Разпродажба Продадено
Включен данък. Доставката се изчислява при плащане.

Номер на артикул:14:173#08;5:200844315#80x160cm 32x63inch






Product advantage:
(1) soft and comfortable, good breathability and anti-static.
(2) Dirty and easy to clean without fading, can be washed by machine or hand
(3) The ingredients are safe and environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful substances, which is not harmful to human body and pets
(4) Good skid resistance, protection of the floor, durable long shelf life
(5)The edges of the carpet are carefully sewn to ensure quality and longer life

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