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26cm One Piece Zoro Sword Japanese Katanas Toy

26cm One Piece Zoro Sword Japanese Katanas Toy

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Introducing our meticulously crafted replica weapons collection, perfect for enthusiasts of historical armory, cosplay, and fantasy fans. These safe, uncut weapon models capture the essence of their real counterparts with stunning accuracy and detail, making them ideal for display or role-play.

**Product Categories:**
1. **Partisan Spear**
2. **Banished Knight's Greatsword**
3. **Moonveil Katana**
4. **Nagakiba Katana**
5. **Lordsworn's Straight Sword**
6. **Royal Greatsword**
7. **Miquellan Knight's Sword**
8. **Carian Knight's Sword**
9. **Gargoyle's Black Blades**
10. **Bloodhound's Fang**
11. **Rivers of Blood**
12. **Dragonscale Blade**
13. **Sword of Night and Flame**
14. **Knight's Greatsword**
15. **Loretta's War Sickle**
16. **Gargoyle's Greatsword**
17. **Hand of Malenia**

**Product Properties:**
- **Katana One Piece**
- **Japanese Katana**
- **Cosplay Sword**
- **Medieval Weapons, Ninja Weapons, Pirates**

**Safety and Features:**
- **Safe or Not:** Uncut safe weapon model
- **Spring Force:** No
- **Model Number:** 26cm One Piece Melee Weapon Ninja Toys Knife
- **Barcode:** No
- **Metal Type:** Aluminum Alloy
- **Lock:** No
- **Full Length:** 26cm
- **Material:** Metal
- **Design:** Sword Weapon Category
- **Dimensions:** 26cm
- **Features:** Stuffed, Mini, Diecast
- **Certification:** CE Certificate
- **Blade Material:** Metal
- **Handle Length:** 8cm
- **Sharp Blade:** No
- **Blade Angle:** >60°
- **Recommend Age:** 14+

**Detailed Description:**
Each piece in this collection is designed to provide a realistic and immersive experience while ensuring safety and durability. The weapons are crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, providing a realistic weight and feel without the danger of a sharp blade. The uncut, diecast metal construction ensures these items are safe for all users, making them perfect for cosplay, display, and themed events.

The handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and are detailed to match the historical or fantasy aesthetics of each weapon. Measuring 26cm in full length with an 8cm handle, these mini replicas are both manageable and strikingly realistic.

**Certification and Safety:**
All items are CE certified, ensuring they meet international safety standards. The weapons are designed with a blade angle greater than 60° and are marked safe for ages 14 and up.

Enhance your collection or costume with these beautifully crafted, safe, and detailed weapon replicas. Whether you are a fan of medieval weaponry, ninja lore, or pirate adventures, our range offers something for every enthusiast.

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